Apollo Investment: Pioneering Ethical NDIS Property Investments

At Apollo Investment, we specialise in NDIS Property Investment as a property investment consultancy firm. We deliver our investors a comprehensive solution to commit their investments in SDA housing, constructing high-yielding property investment portfolios.

Adhering to a strict Fee-For-Service model, we’ve purposefully distanced ourselves from the conventional industry practices by maintaining 100% transparency in our business model and persistently advocating for ethical investment. Our approach to investing is long-term, and through our dedication to clients, we’ve rapidly ascended to become one of Australia’s most revered and known NDIS property investment firms.

Fast forward to the present, we are proud to have assisted hundreds of investors in building cash-positive portfolios in NDIS property. Testament to our quality service, it’s no surprise to find that numerous Apollo Investment clients have invested in multiple SDA properties, with several well on their journey to double-digit figures.

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The Journey That Brought Us Here

Boasting two decades of experience in property development, financing, and investing before our establishment in 2018, we at Apollo Investment identified the unique opportunity Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) would present to both investors and tenants. This realisation led us to specialise in providing expert advice on navigating the complex landscape of SDA and NDIS housing policies.

Our mission is deeply personal, driven by firsthand experiences with individuals living with disabilities; our commitment to the success of this industry extends beyond the business.

As enthusiastic property investors, our team are deeply dedicated to wealth creation through NDIS property investment. Our passion isn’t merely theoretical— we walk the talk, having built our own personal NDIS property portfolios.

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Achieve your investment goals with Apollo Investment.


Apollo Investment is an NDIS Investment Property Consultant that works with you, for you. We help property investors just like you navigate investing in the complex but high-yielding Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) sector. Our team of specialists provide you with absolute clarity and confidence when it comes to building wealth through SDA housing.

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Passive Returns of 15%+

Achieving above market returns for hundreds of clients is not by chance but by expertise. We maximise your return on capital.

apollo investment

100% Transparency

No hidden fees, back handed deals or rebates. We’re strictly a fee-for-service business that provides clients with expert advice.

apollo investment

Exclusive Opportunities

Get access to exclusive property deals through our acquisitions team. Don’t compete in the open market, get the deals before hand.

apollo investment

Turn-Key Solutions

Our service package is turn-key. We manage everything from planning to advisory, building to acquiring a tenant.

apollo investment

Investment Analysis

Our investment team analyse every deal in finite detail to ensure you’re achieving the highest possible return.

apollo investment

Government Subsidised

NDIS is here to stay providing investors an opportunity to get tenants supported by long term government funding.

Expert Advice at Every Step:

Embrace Your Investment Journey with Us

Building wealth through investing in NDIS properties takes an entire panel of experts. From finance to acquisitions, tax structuring to project management and even tenant coordinating. It’s why at Apollo Investment we put the full weight of our expert panel behind every client.

We’re experts in NDIS property investment so you don’t have to be. Our team of Sales Consultants are there every step of the way to help you buy, invest and develop a high yielding growth portfolio. From initial consultation to completion, we’re here for you.

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Meet the team

Nic Alessio
Group Head of Acquisitions
Amy Conti
Head of Tenancy Coordination
Yannick Ieko
Tony Draper
Swathi Raja
Acquisitions Coordinator
Raveena Vasisht
Client Manager
Christian Marland
Investment Consultant
Dave Stewart
Investment Consultant
Rhys Heycock
Investment Consultant
Carly Grigg
Finance Broker @ NDIS Finance Experts
Khoi Vu
Chartered Accountant @ AlfaFocus

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