February 13, 2023

Building NDIS/SDA: Location Should Be A Top Consideration

When building NDIS SDA properties, there are many considerations to be made. It is easy to get caught up in the sophisticated web of NDIS requirements, but one of the top considerations that shouldn’t be overlooked is the location of your specialist disability accommodation (SDA) property.

We explain what you need to know about selecting the right location for your NDIS investment property, below.

Why location matters for Specialist Disability Accommodation

The purpose of SDA is to be able to provide a range of suitable housing for Australians with disability. More than simply offering the right provision to support those with very high support needs or extreme functional impairment, SDA homes are also designed to be able to enhance the NDIS participants’ quality of life through promotion of independence and socialisation.

Given the limited mobility of many SDA participants, as well as their medical and social support needs, SDA housing is often required to be close to amenities such as public transport, shopping precincts, exercise and community precincts. For this reason, it’s imperative that sufficient research and consideration goes into the location of your SDA land purchase.

Assessing demand data for SDA homes

It only makes sense that searching for the right location for your NDIS property should start where the demand is. The National Disability Insurance Scheme has developed the SDA demand data tool, which should be an integral part of your research in finding the right location for your SDA build.

Statistical data is used to regularly update SDA demand data, to include information about the number of SDA participants who are either living in existing SDA, require specialised housing, are seeking an alternative SDA property or who are awaiting SDA funding in their NDIS plan.

Looking beyond the location basics

For investors of SDA, the financial return makes up only part of the outcomes for NDIS investment — the positive social outcomes that SDA enables is the major appeal to ethical investors. To ensure that the outcomes of your SDA property are as positive as they can be, it is worth investigating location more forensically than just on a map.

If you have a family member or loved one with disability, considering the needs of the participants may come naturally to you. However, if you’re a socially-focussed private investor with limited experience with the needs of people with disability, a more considered and forensic approach to location research must be taken.

For example, choosing land that is close to public transport is a great start, however, is the public transport accessible for those with limited mobility? Do the shopping centres and business centres nearby have undercover wheelchair parking and ramp access? Are there medical facilities within a reasonable distance?

FAQs about investing in specialist disability accommodation

Does SDA funding cover the build cost?

The SDA scheme is backed by federal government support, however SDA funding is designed for the participants living in SDA homes to help cover building and maintenance costs — not to cover the construction costs.

How do SDA providers advertise their SDA dwelling vacancies?

SDA providers use the NDIS SDA finder to advertise available NDIS housing.

Who can use the NDIS SDA finder?

To find a suitable SDA, SDA participants, their families and NDIS service providers use the NDIS SDA finder. The finder lists NDIS homes that are SDA compliant and available to occupy.

Starting your investment journey in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

An SDA home that truly meets participant needs often becomes a forever home, which is why private investors in the NDIS sector must consider the location of their investment more than any other investment property.

As part of our offering, we identify areas with high demand and low supply, to ensure the best outcomes for the investors and tenants.

To achieve your ethical objectives and make an addition to your property portfolio that can achieve sustainable long term returns backed by the Australian Government, contact Apollo Investment.

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