December 5, 2022

So, What’s the Secret Behind a Buyers Advocate?

If you’re wondering what a buyer’s agent does, this guide is for you.

Investing in NDIS property provides your investment portfolio an opportunity unlike any other. With government-backed returns and strong capital growth potential, it’s little wonder that many Aussies are considering SDA housing as their next investment choice.

The SDA market works differently from the standard residential investment market, which is why it pays to have licensed professionals in your corner. We discuss the secret behind buyers advocates and how they can help you secure the best NDIS housing for your property portfolio.

What does a buyers advocate do?

A buyer’s advocate is a professional in real estate who helps take the guesswork out of property purchases. As a professional, they help you research different properties, evaluate their asking price and negotiate the purchase.

Are buyer’s agents the same as real estate agents?

Generally, real estate agents work for the seller, which means that as someone looking to buy property, they may not have your best interests at heart. Unlike real estate agents, a buyer’s agent works for you as the buyer, not the seller. This means they can provide an objective perspective on suitable properties in line with your objectives.

A buyers advocate can also help you save time as they take on the research and evaluation of the purchasing process for you. Some advocates that offer a full service will even do the bidding at an auction on your behalf or liaise with other agents through a private sale for you.

The benefits of a buyer’s agent in the SDA market

While buyer’s advocates are common in the open market, finding the right property in the NDIS sector can take a little more expertise. As one of the most revolutionary socially-focussed investment options to become available to Australians, there can be a level of emotional attachment to purchasing an SDA home. Buyer’s agents operate with the utmost professionalism, which includes maintaining a degree of emotional detachment while staying true to your financial and ethical objectives.

Specialised housing also comes with specialised purchasing processes. Gaining independent advice to understand if a specific property will suit your NDIS investment needs can ensure that you’re making the right choice for yourself and the SDA participants who will call your SDA property home. More than just aiding in negotiating the purchase price, a buyers agent can also save you time throughout the buying process.

Can a buyers agent help negotiate the purchase price of my investment property?

Yes, buyers agents can help negotiate an investment property’s purchase price, including when buying SDA homes.

Accessing buyers agents through Apollo Investment

The National Disability Insurance Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for private investors to uplift their entire portfolio through the specialist disability accommodation initiative, however, even the most seasoned property investors still have much to learn when it comes to investing in SDA properties.

At Apollo Investment, we are NDIS property specialists, offering a stress-free, end-to-end solution backed by a team of professionals, including buyer’s advocates experienced in sourcing NDIS homes.

Take the guesswork out of specialist disability accommodation — receive the professional guidance you deserve by contacting the team at Apollo Investment.

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