May 15, 2023

How to Find the Right Builder for Your SDA Dwelling

Building a specialist disability accommodation (SDA) dwelling requires careful consideration and expertise. Choosing the right builder is crucial to ensure that the dwelling meets the unique needs and requirements of the NDIS participants who’ll reside in it.

This article provides valuable insights and tips on how to find the right builder for your SDA project.

Who are SDA builders?

There are several specialist disability accommodation (SDA) builders who focus on constructing homes and facilities that are specifically designed to meet the needs of people living with disability. These builders have expertise in creating accessible and inclusive spaces that cater to the provision and requirements under the SDA design standard.

Why choosing the right builder is so important for specialist disability accommodation properties

Specialist disability accommodation properties are purpose-built homes and dwellings designed to support the complex needs of those with extreme functional impairment and high support needs. Offered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), SDA homes are built to strict design standards across four categories:

  1. High physical support
  2. Fully Accessible
  3. Improved liveability
  4. Robust

Each design category incorporates the necessary provision to support the needs of the prospective tenants to live within them. The specifications for SDA properties vary greatly from standard residential properties and need to be certified by an SDA assessor — which is what makes it so crucial to ensure that you engage an experienced, reliable and trustworthy builder.

Tips to help choose the right SDA builder

Largely, the method for choosing a builder for your NDIS investment property remains similar to choosing a builder for any other property development, several important factors are unique to SDA builds.

Cheapest doesn’t necessarily equal best

Be mindful when selecting a builder based on their quoted price. In any build, but especially specialist disability accommodation homes, the quality of the build is paramount. Builds that do not comply with the design standard are likely to fail SDA certification from the SDA assessor (not to mention the relevant building certification in your state or territory).

Consider their experience with SDA builds

SDA builders need to work with a building designer and architects from the get-go. Choosing a builder that is experienced can help reduce setbacks, delays and issues throughout the build process.

What is your building contract expertise?

The contractual conditions the builder imposes can play a large role in determining whether you wish to work with them. If you’re not experienced in understanding and negotiating building contracts, it may pay to engage the professional help of solicitors or other industry professionals to help navigate this process.

For example, consider a builder that offers fairness with regard to wet weather or delayed works clauses. A good builder will not only allow for additional time to complete the build in the event of wet weather but will also allow you to include clauses for other special conditions or penalties if they cannot deliver the project before the agreed completion date.

Builder for Your SDA Housing


In a niche market such as SDA dwellings, a building business will gain a reputation easily. While many construction companies are available in Australia, it is essential to conduct your due diligence when choosing a builder, and their reputation may play an important part in this.

Investing in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Building the dream home for an NDIS participant is possible with specialist disability accommodation properties. More than just providing easy access to their property, SDA properties can make a meaningful difference in the tenants’ lives by providing the necessary provision they require to meet their very high support needs, fostering inclusivity and promoting independent living.

Through SDA funding, SDA properties may be an appealing option for Australian property investors seeking high rental yield, consistent income and capital growth potential.

How can Apollo Investment assist with finding the right builder for your development?

As experienced NDIS investment property professionals, we take great pride in maintaining good rapport with many builders in the building industry. As part of our process, we assist in developing a comprehensive building plan which encompasses the desired location, architectural details, and demand from potential tenants.

To ensure the highest quality of construction, we will enlist the services of the most skilled builders who specialise in NDIS-approved properties. This guarantees that your house will be constructed in accordance with strict building codes and completed within the designated timeframe, complete with SDA post-certification from occupational therapists to achieve NDIS enrolment.

We welcome you to get in touch with our team to learn more about the NDIS investment process and how to choose the right builder for your SDA property.

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