December 26, 2022

How Apollo Investment Can Keep You up to Date With the Changing SDA Housing Market

Property investment of any kind requires a degree of knowledge in the property market, as well as the appropriate financial acumen to identify a viable investment opportunity. At Apollo Investment, we do more than just source SDA housing for investors — we provide a full end-to-end NDIS property investment solution, which brings in many service offerings that set us apart from other SDA investment companies.

One service offering is a deep and thorough understanding of the NDIS property market that allows us to keep you up to date with the changing housing market. Here’s how we do it:

1. Our expert panel

Apollo Investment is underpinned by a specialist team, who each bring a unique skill set and expertise to ensure that every aspect of investing in SDA homes is covered. Our team not only focus on NDIS specialist finance and tax strategies, but they are deeply experienced with SDA provider networks, SDA builder networks, builder negotiation, consultation and land acquisition.

Our finger is constantly on the SDA property market pulse. This means that we remain across the changing market conditions, including new stock levels, data on the latest SDA homes as well as announcements from the Australian Government.

2. Our Innovative NDIS housing investment methodology

The innovative methodology that we adopt ensures that we deliver NDIS properties that are SDA compliant, built by SDA builders in high-demand areas with limited supply. Our approach means that we continuously analyse demand data released by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, utilise buyer’s advocates all across Australia, and liaise with our preferred SDA housing provider to source the most viable properties.

Leveraging the expertise of buyer’s advocates allows us to remain informed on the market across the country, not just keeping our scope to an isolated region.

3. Our focus on tenant longevity and capital growth

A market as unique as the SDA market requires specialist knowledge of both investment principles and the NDIS sector. Thankfully, our team have both and more. Our focus is on NDIS participant longevity and capital growth potential, meaning that we are abreast the needs and demands of NDIS-approved tenants seeking an SDA house.

SDA tenancy

The specialist disability accommodation market vs residential property market

The obvious difference between SDA homes and the open market is that an NDIS SDA property’s tenants are a much smaller cohort, with very specific needs. Specialist disability accommodation properties are purpose-built and designed specifically to cater to Australians living with disability.

The potential tenants are, therefore, NDIS participants with SDA funding in their NDIS plan. For this reason, the demand vastly differs from the demand for standard investment property.

Another key difference is in the property attributes. For most design categories, including an NDIS home, they need to be situated in desirable communities close to infrastructure, such as:

  • Public transport
  • Medical services and medical facilities
  • Community services
  • Supermarkets and other necessary infrastructure

Floor size is also important, especially when considering investment in a High Physical Support unit. However, to build SDA properties under the Robust design category, they require a larger block size. Therefore, a relatively flat residential block that is located further away from infrastructure and amenities is more appealing. Our scope ranges across the requirements for all NDIS homes, meaning that we remain vigilant to all opportunities for SDA properties of every design category.

How to make an SDA home your next investment property

If you’re looking to support the life of an Australian living with disability, then we’re ready to support you on your journey to owning an NDIS investment property. To access more information on the SDA housing market, our innovative methodology or proven results, connect with our team, today.

Get in touch with our team for more NDIS Property Investment information now.

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