February 20, 2023

Sky News Australia interviews Yannick Ieko of Apollo Investment

One of the challenges facing the NDIS is a major housing shortfall, which refers to a shortage of suitable and affordable housing for people with disabilities. The NDIS was designed to give people with disabilities more control over their support and funding, including housing. However, many of these people face significant barriers to accessing suitable and affordable housing, including high rental costs, limited housing options, and a lack of accessible and adaptable housing.

Yannick Ieko of our team here at Apollo Investment discusses one of the major challenges facing the NDIS and how investing in NDIS properties can help resolve this issue. He explains how these investments benefit not only disabled people Australia wide, but also reduce costs from the government from the amount of people who are in inappropriate accommodation for their needs.

You can watch the full video below with Simon Love on Sky News Weekend Live.

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